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modern living room ideas

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Modern home design is often viewed as cold, stark and maybe even a little bit boring. The reality is, it is anything but. There are many design avenues that can be taken to achieve a fresh and elevated space — even if you’re working with a family-friendly living room or looking for small residing room ideas. A touch of modern design can be incorporated into any living room, no matter what the overall feel of the home is.

Sleek floor-to-ceiling windows, custom built-ins, the right accessories, including stylish rugs , and grand architectural elements can create the modern living environment filled with both visual interest and functionality. Wallpaper, art and pops of colorful fabric may all result in a modern, chic and inviting space. A fresh coat of paint (especially if it’s one of our favorite residing room paint colors ) can revamp your space in an instant, even if it’s only an accent wall.

To help you get inspired, check out these dreamy contemporary family room suggestions, which are full of 2022 design trends . There’s something for everyone, whether you want to make a large living room really feel cozy, style the perfect modern residing room for your apartment or even need creative solutions in order to distract from the TV. You’ll actually find the few DIY home decor concepts (like layering in glam touches or hanging an oversized mirror) that work well if you’re on a budget.

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1 Keep it Cozy

Despite what you might think, modern plus cozy may exist simultaneously. Adding within warmer tones and natural materials like stone help strike a balance in a living space.

2 Black and White

Black and white is as classic as it gets. When those two colors are usually incorporated into a space with clean lines and natural light, it really elevates a room.

3 Make it Sleek

The sleek, sharp lines in this space make with regard to a modern plus streamlined living area. Styled in a minimalist approach, the particular space is orderly and inviting, yet ready to be lived in.

4 Modern plus Minimalist

Less is more within the world of modern interiors. Minimalist design doesn’t have to be boring however. Grand focal points, clean lines and big home windows keep things interesting.

5 Play with Wallpaper

6 Distract From the TV

Mount your television for a more modern look and draw the eye elsewhere, such as to the statement fireplace mantel. Add open shelving and eye-catching decor, and a TV will quickly fade into the background.

7 Add Some Color

Get innovative by playing with bright colors. Art, throw pillows and color choices are all a good place to start.

8 Bring in A few Greenery

Painting the walls a dark color will be an easy way in order to make a statement. Keep the rest of the particular design thoroughly clean and simple to prevent the space through feeling overwhelming.

10 Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a fun and easy way to showcase artwork and photos that are meaningful to you. It adds a personal touch to a room and can help extend the contemporary feel depending on what you chose in order to display.

11 Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors serve more than just features. Add a grand mirror over a fireplace to make not only a design statement, but also create the illusion of a larger area.

12 Touches of Glam

Intricate touches like a marble fireplace, brass sconces plus custom built-ins create the particular perfect combo of modern and fashion.

13 Pull in the White Sofa

Chic and of-the-moment, a good all white couch is a statement that will bring contemporary flair to any living room. Performance fabric is key plus will ensure the longevity of your own sofa.

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14 Don’t Forget Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important design elements in a space. If you’re striving regarding a contemporary appear, pick light fixtures that feel contemporary and stylish.

15 Make a Statement

Feeling bold? A statement wall can add a modern design element to a living room. Pick a primary wall and add a daring paint color or even eye-catching wallpaper to produce a focal point behind the TV.

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16 Modern Neutrals

You can still stick to a neutral color palette when aiming to design a contemporary living space. Adding in different textures and materials will keep the space lived-in and welcoming.

17 Incorporate Statement Fabrics

Statement fabrics add a fresh, warm take to a space. Window treatments and throw pillows are usually a great place to begin.

18 Keep It Simple

19 Include Some Built-In Shelving

Custom built-ins are the key to elevating any space. They provide both storage and serve as a beautiful display case — what more could you want?

20 Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Nothing is usually more breathtaking than a good view through floor-to-ceiling windows. They offer the illusion of being outdoors, while still maintaining the particular comforts associated with home.

21 Pick the Statement Color

Adding a statement color to a room keeps points playful. Consider using a piece of art or furniture to incorporate a pop of colour, like this purple arm chair.

22 Create the Fireplace the Focal Point

A grand fireplace makes for an excellent focal point in a modern living room. Not only is definitely it beautiful, but this draws the eye up, making any kind of space feel loftier and grander.

23 Bring the Outdoors In

A residing space surrounded by home windows invites the particular outdoor landscape in plus blissfully merges both indoor and outdoor living. Complete the look by bringing organic woods and textures inside, like a raw wood coffee table.

24 Clean Lines

Thoroughly clean lines are a key modern style element. Straight and sleek lines of furniture, system elements plus lighting add to the contemporary really feel of this particular family room.

25 Merge Architecture and Artwork

The striking architectural element may be each beautiful and functional. This grand staircase looks as though it’s a piece of art on display, while also serving the specific purpose.

twenty six Add Customized Paneling

A design detail as small as walls panels can completely transform and update a space. Add a fresh coat associated with paint on top to make it even more chic.

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