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While stenciling tile is nothing new, creators are steering away from the particular overdone encaustic tile patterns in grey, black, white and blue and experimenting with contemporary motifs. “Choose starkly contrasting colors for a crisp and fresh look, ” suggests Annie Sloan , paint and color expert based in Oxford, England, plus creator of Chalk Paint, who has utilized household objects including cereal bowls and magazines to create one of a kind stencils. “These simple shapes appearance fabulous in block bright colors. Pastel square shapes reference ’50s diners, perfect for grandmillennial interiors, while curved designs reference Vernor Patton and ’60s cool. ” 

11. Upcycle housewares in  a glam way 

The antique Kintsugi restoration technique finds beauty in imperfections by filling broken pottery cracks with gold color.

Photo: Marco Montalti

Before you dispose of dishes, pictures frames, and even large furniture items that  have seen better days, think about ways within which you can repurpose these pieces to add some new life. Saw down that dining table and turn it into the coffee table associated with your dreams, as Lance Thomas of  Thomas Guy Interiors in Lake Charles, Louisiana, did in his own home.  

12. Embrace the ’70s mirrored backsplash

Beveled Paris Gray Hexagon Antique Mirror Tile

Take a look back—50 years back—when tackling the backsplash , suggests  Alex Alonso of  Mr. Alex Tate Style . “So much of the particular ’70s offers crept back into fashion, ” he says, noting that a smoky shown backsplash is “very chic and trendy. ” The particular Miami-Los Angeles–based designer adds that people are looking to make kitchens warm but still keep them modern and interesting, plus a mirrored backsplash can do just that will. Or you can create a vibrant custom backsplash with watercolor, marbled paper, even a piece of pretty fabric that’s protected behind the pane of tempered glass.

13. Enhance walls along with limewash paint

Interior designers, like Sarah Weichel associated with Swike Design, employ Portola Paints & Glazes lime wash color for distinctive wall texture.

Picture: Austin Leis

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