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Dezeen School Shows : a Queen’s Gambit hotel designed to appeal to chess fans and another that is informed by Louis Vuitton ‘s summer collections are included in Dezeen’s latest school show by students at Ajman University.

Also featured is a design concept that represents the historic patterns found in Moroccan design and another that will combines traditional UAE design and the Memphis movement.

Institution: Ajman University
School: College of Architecture, Art plus Design
Course: Interior Design IV
Tutors: Dina Ibrahim and Dr Gamal El Samanoudy

School statement:

“The Interior Design 4: Hotel style course provides students with an introduction in order to the process of designing hospitality areas – specifically hotel interiors.

“Students learn how to create a concept based on local culture plus its influence, and how to respond to a brief from a client. Their learning is extended to the field of interior landscape design.

“During this course, college students should apply design skills to hospitality spaces, have the ability to relate theoretical knowledge and technical abilities to concepts and solutions for food spaces, plus describe and understand critical, analytical plus strategic thinking in the particular development of hospitality spaces.

“During the year, learners explored different themes that allowed their skills in order to extend and expand to new levels. ”

Rendering of pink hotel bedroom

Al Liwan Hotel by Aisha Al Shamsi and Mariam Al Jasmi

“The design for the Al Liwan Hotel features a colour palette that references the Memphis design movement of the 90’s plus aims in order to convey a new way of appreciating the splendour of conventional UAE regional design.

“Introducing these two themes is meant to provide a complex environment that will interest tourists from all over the particular globe.

“The goal is to make it clear to people that there are no hard and fast rules when this comes to designing the inside of a space; rather, it should be seen as a blank slate onto which they may unleash their creativity.

“Elderly relatives who saw the project said it took them back in order to their childhoods, when they fantasied about decorating their bedrooms in blue and baby pink with Al Sadu designs plus intricate wooden furniture – complex but beautiful. ”

Students: Aisha Ing Shamsi and Mariam ‘s Jasmi
Tutors: Dina Ibrahim and Akram Azmy
Email: 201911130[at]ajmanuni. ac. ae plus 201810787[at]ajmanuni. air conditioning. ae

Collage of renders and drawings of hotel

Al Marjan Heritage Hotel by Zulaikha Thasnim and Eiman Yousif

“Al Marjan is a heritage hospitality task that aims to unite the past and present of UAE simply by incorporating elements of UAE’s coral reefs.

“The project is located in the iconic Al Shindagah in Dubai and will be the perfect destination for cultural and marine life enthusiasts plus families seeking a pleasant getaway.

“The shapes, textures and movements of the coral system are usually abstracted to form various contemporary designs in the particular project along with relation to elements from the traditions of UAE to create a visually and psychologically pleasing space. ”

Students: Zulaikha Thasnim and Eiman Yousif
Tutors: Best?llarens Ibrahim plus Akram Azmy
Email: 201910134[at]ajmanuni. ac. ae and 201911050[at]ajmanuni. ac. ae

Plan drawing of hotel with circular room at centre

The Umbrella Academy Resort by Khawla Al Ali

“My project was inspired by the atmosphere in The Umbrella Academy.

“The concept came from the time vortex that has been used in the particular show in order to travel between times, which I integrated into my style by focusing on circular compositions, round furniture and mixing among contemporary plus modern styles. ”

Student: Khawla Al Ali
Tutors: Dr Gamal El Samanoudy and Akram Azmy
Email: 201920029[at]ajmanuni. ac. ae

Rendering of gold hotel lobby

MAR- Hotel by Alaa Heijazi

“The concept was created when the capital city of Morocco, Rabat, was named ‘The Capital associated with Islamic Culture 2022’.

“This hotel project is aimed at families and visitors, aiming to showcase both Moroccan plus Islamic culture. All the design elements are based on Islamic ogee and arabesque patterns that will frequently appear in Moroccan cultural settings.

“The layout makes use of the limited area by drawing a smooth circulation flow for that guests by using partitions and columns as an aesthetic and functional element in the particular lounge area.

“The furniture has a rough-hewn look, geometric detailing and uneven plus intricate carvings – couches and tables are set low in order to the ground and are usually full of Islamic/Arabesque patterns and Al-Thuluth calligraphy.

“The inside has a bright colour scheme that regularly features glowing blue tones to psychologically encourages thought plus meditation, mixed with gold to show the luxurious side of Moroccan style. inch

Student: Alaa Heijazi
Instructors: Dr Gamal El Samanoudy and Akram Azmy
E-mail: 201920068[at]ajmanuni. air conditioning unit. ae

Circular plan of hotel

Mockingjay Hotel simply by Roudha Mohammed

“I designed this particular hotel targeting hunters around the Grand Mesa Forest in Colorado. The hotel’s design follows the shape of a target – the simplified shape is also inspired by the arena from your book and film series The particular Hunger Games.

“To trigger the visitors, I produced a structure in the particular centre from the lobby creating a focal point – the large-scale ring holding the Mockingjay bird made of precious metal steel, with the parrot depicted lying on water and bow-arrows falling above it.

“One of the particular main colours in this project’s scheme is usually red – signifying strength, courage and danger. inch

Student: Roudha Prophet
Tutors: Doctor Gamal Este Samanoudy plus Akram Azmy
Email: 202010274[at]ajmanuni. ac. ae

Louis Vuitton-designed hotel featuring pastel colours

Louis Vuitton Resort by Haneen Magdy

“Louis Vuitton is a luxury fashion brand which was established in France in 1854. This project is based on research into the rich history of the brand – the concept of the particular hotel is definitely inspired by the summer time collections associated with Louis Vuitton and their own use of colour.

“Each color utilized in this project has a psychological meaning; yellow stands for happiness and positivity, pink represents calmness and comfort, orange with regard to the chaotic and so on.

“These colours were added in order to bring life towards the lounge and help the visitors feel comfortable.

“The Lv Hotel is a boutique resort upon the north coast of Egypt, and most of the furniture plus accessories are made from the Louis Vuitton manufacturer.

“The targeted audience ranges from guests coming in regarding warm family gatherings to business partners discussing upcoming projects. inches

College student: Haneen Magdy
Tutors: Dr Gamal Un Samanoudy and Akram Azmy
Email: 202011449[at]ajmanuni. ac. ae

Plan drawing of sprawling hotel

Queen’s Gambit hotel simply by Sidra Sabbagh

“Queen’s Gambit hotel gives site visitors a new plus unique experience by providing chess-themed design intended for chess lovers. The concept is influenced by the particular Queen’s Gambit television series. The theme can be shown within many various functional zones, integrated along with British-style and modern furniture.

“The colours used in the hotel are black and white. These colours were chosen to reflect the bold colors of a chess board. Touches associated with different colours in each zone give life to the place.

“The hotel hosts chess matches and aims to be the first hotel that offers the perfect place to get chess enthusiasts. ”

Student: Sidra Sabbagh
Tutors: Dina Ibrahim and Omnia Altemnah
Email: 202110612[at]ajmanuni. alternating current. ae

Rendering of hotel lounge area with a statue of the Joker

COMICO Restaurant – Gotham City Hotel dining restaurant by Khaled Osama

“Gotham City Hotel is a themed hotel that references the particular Gotham TV show. The hotel’s target market is teenagers and DC fans with an interest in Gotham’s villains.

“COMICO Restaurant is designed for teenagers interested in DC comics plus guests who seek an unique and unusual dining experience.

“The comic-style restaurant is created by using comic elements plus neon lights to show the dynamic of the amusing books. COMICO Restaurant’s superpower is the particular power associated with attraction. ”

Student: Khaled Osama
Tutors: Dina Ibrahim and Dalal Abdullah
Email: 202010874[at]ajmanuni. ac. ae

Rendering of an outdoor seating area with tree and lanterns

The ONE Hotel Design by Abeer Aziz and Heba Dweik

“‘Expo is a message that we are people of civilisation and a meeting point for civilisations. ‘ – this quote about the UAE by the Prime Minister of the UAE HH Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid was the main inspiration for this project.

“The project consists of two historical buildings transformed into a hotel, which promotes traditional design, sustainability, hospitality and social community.

“The aim is to build plus connect spaces and facilities through engaging design abstracted from the particular local weaving craft known as Al-Sarood and AlSadu. The hotel concept will be contemporary while preserving the historical elements of the existing buildings. inch

Students: Abeer Aziz and Heba Dweik
Tutors: Dina Ibrahim and Akram Azmy
Email: 201910257[at]ajmanuni. ac. ae and 201910423[at]ajmanuni. air conditioning. ae

Rendering of bar area with tiered, LED-embedded ceiling

Kassab Hotel simply by Abeer Aljoody

“Kassab is located in northwest Syria on mount Jabal Al-Aqra – the origin of the name goes back to the Latin words Casa Bella, which means beautiful town.

“The inspiration with this project came from laurel leaves found in this region.

“The design is modern and inspired by the colours of nature, which gives the particular tourists a feeling associated with stability, calm, relaxation plus balance, and the curved lines show elegance, movement and pleasure. ”

College student: Abeer Aljoody
Tutors: Dr Gamal El Samanoudy plus Akram Azmy
Email: 202011199[at]ajmanuni. ac. ae

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