Interior designer shares ‘key’ to creating a ‘70s-inspired room – ‘a good nod to that era’ — Express

“I think Pinterest can be quite overwhelming, but I think if you do it in the right way, so really try and hone in or collect images that are actually true to that era or even stuff that a person really love.

“I always say it’s like making a cake : you want to have all the right ingredients.

“It’s really nice to look at reference pictures of the past and add a bit of modern to make it feel on-trend and special.

“But I believe yes, the sixties and seventies I think it’s really good to have wood. If we’re making this 70s cake, for example. I think wood is a perfect ingredient, really warm jewel-toned colours, so like oranges, browns mustard, but then you can contemporary it up with like a baby pink or a nice yellow.

“Your colour palettes are really key to getting a retro look correct. And materials, I believe if you’re seeing gingham or a floral print, florals are a good nod to that particular era.

“It’s just about getting those ingredients when you’re looking in your Pinterest or your references.

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