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The month of January tends to be filled with typical new year activities—decluttering, organizing , and tackling those long-put-off projects were probably some of the top-priority things you checked off your list this 30 days. But now that we’ve settled into 2023 plus you have a fresh slate to work with at home, you might be looking in order to take all those home projects up a notch and actually refresh your space.

It can be tough to keep up with what’s “in” plus figure out a place to start in decorating , which is why we studied trend reports and design expert opinions in order to compile this list associated with five of the top new interior design trends for 2023. From color-focused rooms to elaborate entryways, you can choose which of these trending interior design concepts you want to incorporate into your home this particular year.  

1. Mixing Old & New

We’ve already discussed the fact that vintage and secondhand furniture will continue to have its moment within 2023, but designers plus trend forecasters predict that a mix of old and new—or vintage and modern—is going to be a major movement in 2023. This year’s Pinterest Predicts report dubs this idea the “Hipstoric Home, ” with searches on their platform “helping people combine vintage—often inherited—pieces with their modern styles. ” Not only is this trend more environmentally-friendly than buying all new furniture, but it also means your home can look especially unique and curated.

2 . Color—Especially Pinks, Reds & Oranges

Gone are the days associated with all-neutral interiors. In 2023, we’re bringing color back into our homes in a big way. While almost all colors are going to be showing upward more in home decor this particular year, tones of pink, red, plus orange will be especially popular. Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year is Viva Magenta , so expect to see bold pink shades popping up more and more. And according to Vogue , designers say soft pinks, mauves, corals, and peaches will certainly reign supreme. We totally understand if you’re just a neutrals type of person or if you’re hesitant to commit to big splashes associated with color. Consider trying this trend away in small doses with a few colorful accent pieces (such as throw pillows and blankets, art items, and more) here plus there.

3. All About Entryways

According to both WGSN’s Top Trends with regard to 2023 and Beyond and the Pinterest Forecasts report, front porch plus entryway makeovers will be a major interior design focus this particular year.   “First impressions count, and as people improve rather compared to move house, entryway makeovers are set to be the DIY du jour, ” says WGSN. So instead of neglecting that will seemingly unimportant area of your home, spice it up with some accent pieces that provide a first look into your own personal style and arranged the tone for the rest of your space.

4. Eclectic & Maximalist

After years of neutral, minimalistic decorations taking center stage, we have seen a slow shift toward the “more will be more” approach. The past few years brought us the kitschy “grandmillennial” pattern, as well as the Architectural Digest home tours of celebrities like Emma Chamberlain and Dakota Johnson have shown all of us that a mix of colors, patterns, plus textures within interior style isn’t something to be afraid of. Per Elle Decor , developers predict that maximalism may show upward most through collectible objects, unique furnishings silhouettes, well-curated art, and sculptural elements.  

5. Earthy Warmth

Both Style and Elle Decor report that cool-toned neutrals (think grays, blacks, and stark whites), are out plus warm, earthy neutrals are usually in regarding 2023. As with many associated with the aforementioned trends on this list, these types of tones create a space that’s warm, inviting, and distinctive to one’s personal design. Outside of color, inside design will also be leaning a lot more earthy in general—sustainable decor picks are growing within popularity, plants and greenery (real or even faux) are usually everywhere, and natural textures (such because unfinished marble and wood) are having their moment.

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