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Updated on Dec 29, 2022 08: 05 AM IST

Want to add a bit of class and finesse to your homes this Brand new Year? Check out these tips by home decor plus interior style expert on 2023’s modern wall decoration ideas.

New Year home decor, interior design tips: 2023's modern wall decoration ideas (Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash)

New Year interior decor, interior design suggestions: 2023’s contemporary wall design ideas (Photo by Manja Vitolic upon Unsplash)

By Zarafshan Shiraz , Delhi

Interior designers are emphasising the use of wall art to improve the appearance associated with the house because it is one of the best home décor items and with different tricks, one can amp up their walls , which reflects their personality and taste, regardless of their own style. There are a lot of empty spaces and boring walls, particularly in new homes but if you are looking for creative tips to liven up the walls of your old house as well, you came to the particular right place because we got you sorted with expert suggestions that work well whether you love interior designs that are the boho haven, ethnic storm, mid-century modern classic, traditional or contemporary.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Uttamaditya, Life Designer and CEO and Founder of U& I Interiors, shared, “Adding your personal touch to your home decor is a great way to make it more welcoming and comfortable. Your living space should reflect your unique personality and style by creating the right ambiance. Decorating your walls along with luxurious wallpapers and fabrics can transform even the particular most ordinary space into a warm and inviting retreat. ”

He suggested, “Ideally, walls art plus decorations should offer a feeling associated with luxury, style, elegance and culture. After all, you are well within your rights in order to ‘decorate to impress’ with your home the way you want. Of course , it will be helpful if you know how to match the room’s decor with wall structure art. Wall decoration is essential in numerous rooms of the house, each one having its own theme plus style. Walls decoration is one of the easiest ways to make your house, office, or any other place stand out. These days, there are various wall decorations available in several forms which are priced accordingly. From murals in order to tapestries, you have a variety associated with options. However, since the choice is so wide and you may not know the best method to go about it, we have provided an overview of what you need to think regarding before buying any such home decor item. ”

Want to add a bit of class and finesse to your own homes this New 12 months? Take a look at 2023’s modern wall decoration suggestions:

1. Make your home stand out with a statement colour

One way to bring a sense of luxury to your modern home is with a statement-colour wall. This could be a dark, jewel-tone green or rich red, or a bold primary colour like yellow or blue. If you’re not ready to commit in order to painting all your wall space, consider an accent walls: one wall structure painted a different colour than the rest. This is an easy way to add depth and interest without going overboard.

2. Wallpaper is coming back in design

Wallpaper is back! Once the bane of interior design, wallpaper is now seen in luxury houses and hotels around the world. Today’s wallpaper choices range from conventional floral patterns to more modern geometric designs, or you can even find temporary peel-and-stick wallpaper that’s perfect for renters or even anyone who doesn’t want to commit to permanently wallpapering their particular walls.

3. Make your wall look opulent with the wall plate

Wall structure plate decor is a popular and trendy way to put in a splash of colour or pattern to your house. Wall dish decor comes in a wide variety associated with designs that are perfect for any flavor, whether you prefer traditional or even modern pieces. You can use walls plate decoration by itself or since part of an elaborate wall structure arrangement. You can discover wall plate decor at most house décor websites or in stores, but many people prefer to have it custom-made simply by artisans plus craftsmen who specialize within this type of decor.

4. Luxurious metal wall artwork

Metal wall decor is an elegant and sophisticated method to dress up any kind of room. Materials such as copper, brass, and steel give metallic wall art an appealing shine that will complement almost any color scheme.

5. Accentuate the walls of your home along with tapestries

Tapestries are usually an excellent way to bring colour and texture to a room. Tapestries may be bought in a variety of materials, including wool, cotton, and silk. They come in a wide range of styles: traditional floral patterns or cutting-edge abstract designs. Tapestries may be hung by themselves or even used because part associated with a larger wall design.

6. Create a statement with murals

If you want to make a statement with your interior decor, then consider creating the mural. Choosing wallpaper along with a mural on it is one option, but hiring a professional artist to create a custom mural for you are another.

7. Using mirrors can create the particular impression of space

Hanging mirrors on your walls may make a small room appear larger by reflecting light plus creating the illusion associated with space.

8. Bring nature indoors with botanical wall artwork

Wall art featuring flowers, plants, and other natural elements is one of the hottest trends within home décor today. While some people choose to display real plants and flowers in their homes, others prefer the particular sophistication associated with posters plus prints showcasing botanical styles. Either way, such botanical walls art can instantly lend a feeling of luxury to your home.

The expert concluded, “Today’s home décor touches on the latest fads and the most cutting edge of design trends. One example will be wall decorating scheme, which has seen the major overhaul in the last few years. From the particular invention of vinyl wall structure decals in order to today’s digital canvas prints, wall favorite has evolved in dramatic ways. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that classic decorations are out associated with date there are plenty of ways a person can draw on your own love of nostalgic products while staying true to the latest style. ”

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