The Best Color Palette For A Mid-Century Modern Home Decor Style – House Digest

Per  Vermont Woods Studios , grounding neutral tones provide a necessary backdrop for the bright colors common in mid-century modern design, such as gold, orange, and turquoise. The custom furniture maker explains that organic hues plus textures via stone, pottery, and wood contrast and counter the effects of colorful pieces. They note that objects crafted in MCM style, whether antique or reproduction, might feature various wooden species, each with its own coloration and characteristics. For example , the particular values plus undertones between walnut, beech, oak, and rosewood will differ. Make sure to factor these in when choosing paint, textiles, plus accents.

According to  Kylie M. Interiors , to highlight warm wood select the cool color, such as blue, green, a blue-green blend, or dusty purple. Though gray can be a solid choice, she cautions it doesn’t accentuate wood’s inherent warmth and can read dingy or dull. Neutral walls that lean warm, like ivory and shades of brown, create a more congruous look and downplay yellow-based woods.  

Black and white are ideal options in order to combine with wood and color, either in wall paint, fabrics, or décor.   Mid Century Deco describes that cool white is minimalist plus clean, whereas warm white provides the soft, welcoming canvas. On the opposite end, black partners along with pastels and earthy colors for an enveloping plus glamorous space. Regarding accessories, black emphasizes shape and line to elevate functional well-designed items to sculptural status.

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