The Most Popular Interior Decorating Styles – House Digest

Contemporary style is sometimes confused with modern style. Although they are similar, there are differences. 1 st DIBS writes that modern style focuses on clean lines, simplicity, and function, while contemporary design is about present-day style, such as whatever is trending. Because of this, contemporary style will be fluid plus always evolving.  

Today, you’ll find a mix of materials, such as wood or bamboo for flooring and counters, and metal or stainless steel for use on counter tops and tables. Natural elements are popular as well in modern design. Plants, whether hanging or sitting on a shelf, bring nature inside and soften up a contemporary room. Every style has its own type of ranges when it comes to furniture plus decor. Unlike a modern design with simple straight outlines, current contemporary lines are curvy, and shapes are usually unique with many angles. You might find a light fixture in a geometric shape or an uniquely shaped chair.  

When painting your modern style home, try neutral colors upon the walls then add contrast along with the trim or artwork, using black and white. The fun part associated with a modern style is usually its ability to change. If you get bored easily plus like to redecorate, contemporary may work nicely for a person since you can continually modify things up and still have the same style.

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