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The middle of the particular year provides an exciting opportunity: It’s the perfect perch to look both to the past and the future. After June, we’re able to assess the first six months of the year knowing there’s still equal time for the culture in order to shift before defining an era.  

With that in mind, we thought it appropriate to survey the most popular decor styles from the first half of 2022. Using data from Google, AD pulled together the most-searched interior styles from the past six months in 26 major cities across the U. H. Not only do these trends give us insight into what the particular country is liking, but they also show the impact geography and local culture can have on our tastes.  


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Modern farmhouse, farmhouse, and boho were the particular most-searched design styles during the first 1 / 2 of 2022.  

So far, the most popular style in the states has been some iteration of the farmhouse aesthetic, whether the modern country home that was favored in Chicago, Seattle, San Antonio, and Charlotte or the classic farmhouse that made its mark on Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Washington DC, Phoenix, Denver, and Riverside. This look could easily be summarized in one word: charming. Usually, homes will include a hearty mixture of rustic elements like reclaimed wood or even shiplap with big, cozy furniture. The modern take upon the design often features white walls and a generally more neutral palette to create the cleaner, more contemporary feel.  

Boho was well-loved along both the particular East plus West Coast and was the majority of searched style in New York, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. While this look is often linked to fringe-loaded, flower crown-wearing Coachella goers, in interiors, the style is better characterized as an eclectic departure through rigid rules. Generally, these types of homes use a varied color palette, mixed earthy neutrals, rich jewel tones, and vibrant hues. To get the perfect boho look , you’ll want to couple an array of vintage decor plus goodies along with timeless furniture to anchor the space. Residents within Tampa, St. Louis, and Atlanta were also interested in the particular aesthetic, showing the style is creeping its way into the midwest plus south too.  

Whilst some other styles came up—midcentury modern in Portland, modern in Las Vegas, minimalist within Detroit, and beach in Miami—the dichotomy between the two most popular aesthetics opens up an interesting conversation. Farmhouse design (even with modern additions) embodies nesting, planting roots, and going back to a few metaphorically simpler time. Boho, on the other hand, looks outward plus collects different ingredients from all corners of history and the world, bringing them into one encyclopedic area.  

Perhaps America’s interest in the two styles highlights two different—though equally valid—responses to the particular continued impact from the pandemic. Farmhouse lovers doubled down on the meaning of home, reinvigorating the beauty in creating your own pocket associated with the globe, while those who favored a boho appear ached to explore again, fired through the burning sense of wanderlust. Looking toward the future, these trends show us that will our homes will likely continue to be a reflection of the exterior world plus, like everything, they’ll evolve as time goes on. Still, we’ll have to wait a few more months to determine what else may impact the style of 2022 before capping off the year.

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