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Universal Credit Loans

Universal credit loans are an ideal solution for those with poor credit who may have trouble getting other loan types. They offer a speedy application and funding process, as well as various fixed rates and monthly repayment terms. Universal Credit also provides Budgeting Advances, which can be used for emergency household bills or job searching….

What Is Stamp Duty?

When purchasing a property, stamp duty can be one of the largest upfront expenses. The amount charged depends on where you live and what kind of property is being purchased. You can use a stamp duty calculator to estimate what you may owe. Additionally, there are some exemptions available. It is a tax on documents…

How Much Should I Weigh?

There are a variety of tools and calculators available to help determine your ideal body weight, but none of them provide a 100% accurate answer. Ideal ideal weight should be within a range that encourages optimal health and happiness, with the goal being a healthy weight you can maintain throughout life. Weight Factors such as…